IJAM Published Articles and Issues from Volume 1 Number 1 to-date:

Volume 1 Number 1 IJAM Volume 1 Number 1 (PDF) V01100-E
Volume 1 Number 1 IJAM Volume 1 Number 1 (PRINT) V01100-P
Volume 1 Number 1 Corporate Research and Venture Capital Models for the Arts V0111-E
Volume 1 Number 1 The Importance of Ticket Prices for Theatre Patrons V0112-E
Volume 1 Number 1 Classical Music Concerts Can Be Fun: The Success of BBC Proms V0113-E
Volume 1 Number 1 Managing the Culture Labour Force in the 21st Century V0114-E
Volume 1 Number 1 The Development of Museum Training in the United Kingdom V0115-E
Volume 1 Number 1 Corporate Identity in Museums: An Exploratory Study V0116-E
Volume 1 Number 1 Reputation as a Tool for Innovation Management: The Case of the French Impressionists V0117-E
Volume 1 Number 1 Creative Management – Focus on the Creative Collaboration V0118-E
Volume 1 Number 2 IJAM Volume 1 Number 2 (PDF) V01200-E
Volume 1 Number 2 IJAM Volume 1 Number 2 (PRINT) V01200-P
Volume 1 Number 2 A Model for Measuring the Goals of Theatre Attendance V0121-E
Volume 1 Number 2 Factors Influencing Subscription and Single-Ticket Purchases at Performing Arts Organizations V0122-E
Volume 1 Number 2 Defining Art. From the Brancusi Trial to the Economics of Artistic Semiotic Goods V0123-E
Volume 1 Number 2 Toward a Culture of Shared Resources: Building an Environment for the Long-Term Sustainability of the Arts – The Arts in Transition Project V0124-E
Volume 1 Number 2 Seven Years of Change and No End in Sight: Reflections from the Glenbow Museum V0125-E
Volume 1 Number 2 Defining the Domain of a Public Library V0126-E
Volume 1 Number 2 Managing Non-Profit Arts Organizations Through Management Accounting Systems: Mission Possible? V0127-E
Volume 1 Number 2 A Challenge to Cultural Sector Management Conventions: The Royal Armouries Museum V0128-E
Volume 1 Number 3 IJAM Volume 1 Number 3 (PDF) V0130-E
Volume 1 Number 3 IJAM Volume 1 Number 3 (PRINT) V0130-P
Volume 1 Number 3 A Code of Practice for the Maintenance of Public Art V0131-E
Volume 1 Number 3 Shaken and Stirred: Arts Organizations Reacting to Radical Environmental Change V0132-E
Volume 1 Number 3 Interest-Based Negotiations – A New Approach to Bargaining in the Arts V0133-E
Volume 1 Number 3 The Transformation of Cultural Organizations: Applications of a Model V0134-E
Volume 1 Number 3 Authors’ Rights and Distribution Channels: An Attempt to Model Remuneration Structures V0135-E
Volume 1 Number 3 The Conjoint Analysis as an Instrument for Marketing Controlling, Taking a Public Theatre as an Example V0136-E
Volume 1 Number 3 The Ravinia Festival Under the Direction of Zarin Mehta V0137-E
Volume 2 Number 1 IJAM Volume 2 Number 1 (PDF) V0210-E
Volume 2 Number 1 IJAM Volume 2 Number 1 (PRINT) V0210-P
Volume 2 Number 1 Variations on a Music Director V0211-E
Volume 2 Number 1 Unlocking Art Museum Management: Myths and Realities for Contemporary Times V0212-E
Volume 2 Number 1 The Creation and Development of Cultural Organizations: Towards a Modelling of the Process V0213-E
Volume 2 Number 1 Measuring the Performance of Cultural Organizations: A Model V0214-E
Volume 2 Number 1 Cultural Patronage in the United States V0215-E
Volume 2 Number 1 Sponsorship in France V0216-E
Volume 2 Number 1 An Exploration of Management Control in the Arts and Cultural Sector V0217-E
Volume 2 Number 1 Achieving Stability and Success in Crowded Markets: The Case of Tafelmusik V0218-E
Volume 2 Number 2 IJAM Volume 2 Number 2 (PDF) V0220-E
Volume 2 Number 2 IJAM Volume 2 Number 2 (PRINT) V0220-P
Volume 2 Number 2 Arts Management: A New Discipline Entering the Millennium? V0221-E
Volume 2 Number 2 Outsourcing in Museums V0222-E
Volume 2 Number 2 Rotterdam 2001: Creating More Cultural Capital than it Costs V0223-E
Volume 2 Number 2 The Learning Cultural Organization of the Millennium: Performance Measures and Audience Response V0224-E
Volume 2 Number 2 Courting the Media: How the 1998 Spoleto Festival USA Attracted Media Coverage V0225-E
Volume 2 Number 2 Governance in the Movie Industry: Alternatives to Hollywood V0226-E
Volume 2 Number 2 General and Specific Issues in Russian Theatre V0227-E
Volume 2 Number 3 IJAM Volume 2 Number 3 (PDF) V0230-E
Volume 2 Number 3 IJAM Volume 2 Number 3 (PRINT) V0230-P
Volume 2 Number 3 Skills and Roles: Concepts of Modern Arts Management V0231-E
Volume 2 Number 3 What Role for Marketing in the Arts? An Analysis of Arts Consumption and Artistic Value V0232-E
Volume 2 Number 3 The Emergence of Museum Brands V0233-E
Volume 2 Number 3 Branding: Positioning Museums in the 21st Century V0234-E
Volume 2 Number 3 Marketing Management in Arts Organizations: Differentiating Arts and Culture Volunteers from Other Volunteers V0235-E
Volume 2 Number 3 Grouping Performing Arts Consumers According to Attendance Goals V0236-E
Volume 2 Number 3 The Australian Ballet – A Spirit of Its Own V0237-E
Volume 3 Number 1 IJAM Volume 3 Number 1 (PDF) V0310-E
Volume 3 Number 1 IJAM Volume 3 Number 1 (PRINT) V0310-P
Volume 3 Number 1 Evaluating Consumer Behaviour in the Field of Arts and Culture Marketing V0311-E
Volume 3 Number 1 The UK National Lottery and the Arts: Reflections on the Lottery’s Impact and Development V0312-E
Volume 3 Number 1 Mystery Visitors in Museums: An Underused and Underestimated Tool for Testing Visitor Services V0313-E
Volume 3 Number 1 Using an Integrated Ticket Donation Program to Increase Subscription Sales and Reach Underserved Markets: A Strategic Marketing Approach V0314-E
Volume 3 Number 1 International Marketing of Canadian Television Programs: Industry Players, Export Successes and Strategic Challenges V0315-E
Volume 3 Number 1 Exploring the Impact of Organizational Values and Strategic Orientation on Performance in Not-for-Profit Professional Theatre V0316-E
Volume 3 Number 1 The Wheel of History – A Relinquishing of City Council Cultural Control and the Freedom to Manage: Sheffield Galleries and Museums Trust V0317-E
Volume 3 Number 2 IJAM Volume 3 Number 2 (PDF) V0320-E
Volume 3 Number 2 IJAM Volume 3 Number 2 (PRINT) V0320-P
Volume 3 Number 2 Cultural Districts and Urban Development V0321-E
Volume 3 Number 2 Privately Held and Managing Well: The English Chamber Orchestra at 40 V0322-E
Volume 3 Number 2 Lead User Influence on New Product Development Decisions of UK Theatre Companies: An Empirical Study V0323-E
Volume 3 Number 2 Measuring Satisfaction Among Festivalgoers: Differences Between Tourists and Residents as Visitors to a Music Festival in an Urban Environment V0324-E
Volume 3 Number 2 The Decline of the Subscriber Base: A Study of the Philharmonia Orchestra Audience V0325-E
Volume 3 Number 2 Critical Opinion as a Tool in the Marketing of Cultural Products: The Experiential Label V0326-E
Volume 3 Number 2 John R. Porter and the Musée du Québec V0327-E
Volume 3 Number 3 IJAM Volume 3 Number 3 (PDF) V0330-E
Volume 3 Number 3 IJAM Volume 3 Number 3 (PRINT) V0330-P
Volume 3 Number 3 Leadership and Arts Management V0331-E
Volume 3 Number 3 Is Creativity a Matter for Cultural Leaders? V0332-E
Volume 3 Number 3 Managing Innovation in the Arts: Preserving Environmental Uncertainty – The Case of Druid Theatre Company, Ireland V0333-E
Volume 3 Number 3 Quis custodiet? Or Managing the Management: The Case of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden V0334-E
Volume 3 Number 3 Multimedia Giants, Literary Publishers and New Technologies: Can Culture and Business Benefit from the Change of Rules in the Book World? V0335-E
Volume 3 Number 3 Tokyo Philharmonic and Japan Shinsei Symphony: Creating Change for Professional Survival in Today’s Japan V0336-E
Volume 4 Number 1 IJAM Volume 4 Number 1 (PDF) V0410-E
Volume 4 Number 1 IJAM Volume 4 Number 1 (PRINT) V0410-P
Volume 4 Number 1 Laboratory for Change: mak.frankfurt as Argument, Experiment and Example V0411-E
Volume 4 Number 1 The Community Role and Management of a Not-For-Profit Music Centre V0412-E
Volume 4 Number 1 The Quest for El Dorado: Funding the Arts in Latin America V0413-E
Volume 4 Number 1 Management Control and Museums V0414-E
Volume 4 Number 1 The Evaluation of Social Objectives in Cultural Organizations V0415-E
Volume 4 Number 1 Guy Latraverse and Show Business: A Story of Successful Co-management V0416-E
Volume 4 Number 2 IJAM Volume 4 Number 2 (PDF) V0420-E
Volume 4 Number 2 IJAM Volume 4 Number 2 (PRINT) V0420-P
Volume 4 Number 2 Are Two Heads Better Than One? V0421-E
Volume 4 Number 2 Australian Philanthropy and the Arts: How Does It Compare? V0422-E
Volume 4 Number 2 The Shift in Cultural Management from Government Agencies to Not-for-Profit Organizations: An Italian Case Study V0423-E
Volume 4 Number 2 Tourist Apprehension of Heritage: A Semiotic Approach to Behaviour Patterns V0424-E
Volume 4 Number 2 Cultural Identity and Tourism V0425-E
Volume 4 Number 2 Contemporary Art Markets – Structure and Actors: A Study of Art Galleries in Finland, Sweden, France and Great Britain V0426-E
Volume 4 Number 2 The Comédie-Française: The Jean-Pierre Miquel Era, 1993–2001 V0427-E
Volume 4 Number 3 IJAM Volume 4 Number 3 (PDF) V0430-E
Volume 4 Number 3 IJAM Volume 4 Number 3 (PRINT) V0430-P
Volume 4 Number 3 Learning and Leadership: Cultural Change at the Sydney Opera House V0431-E
Volume 4 Number 3 Strategic Management and Cultural Heritage Sites: New Entrepreneurial Challenges for Private Owners of Castles and Stately Homes V0432-E
Volume 4 Number 3 Evaluating Performing Arts Audience Overlap V0433-E
Volume 4 Number 3 External Search Behaviour in Cultural Product Markets: A Study of Readers of Fiction V0434-E
Volume 4 Number 3 Situation Drama in Change Management: Types and Effects of a New Managerial Tool V0435-E
Volume 4 Number 3 Relationship Marketing as a Paradigm for Festivals: A Case Study of the Francofolies of La Rochelle, France V0436-E
Volume 4 Number 3 Organizational Saga of a Superstar Museum: The Louvre V0437-E
Volume 5 Number 1 IJAM Volume 5 Number 1 (PDF) V0510-E
Volume 5 Number 1 IJAM Volume 5 Number 1 (PRINT) V0510-P
Volume 5 Number 1 Reality Check: Time for a Period of “Creative Consolidation” V0511-E
Volume 5 Number 1 What Makes an Arts Capital? Quantifying a City’s Cultural Environment V0512-E
Volume 5 Number 1 Moviegoers’ Consultation of Critical Reviews: Psychological Antecedents and Consequences V0513-E
Volume 5 Number 1 Ticket Sales Forecasting Methods and Performance of UK Theatre Companies V0514-E
Volume 5 Number 1 Social Intervention or Market Intervention? A Problem for Governments in Promoting the Value of the Arts V0515-E
Volume 5 Number 1 Museums: Discovering Services Marketing V0516-E
Volume 5 Number 1 San Francisco’s Chanticleer: An American Tale of A Cappella Perfection and “Policy Governance” V0517-E
Volume 5 Number 2 IJAM Volume 5 Number 2 (PDF) V0520-E
Volume 5 Number 2 IJAM Volume 5 Number 2 (PRINT) V0520-P
Volume 5 Number 2 Leaders in Museums: Entrepreneurs or Role Models? V0521-E
Volume 5 Number 2 Developing Arts Management Skills in Transitional Democracies V0522-E
Volume 5 Number 2 Employment in the Cultural Sector: The United Kingdom in the Late 1990s V0523-E
Volume 5 Number 2 Partnerships of Orchestras: Towards Shared Leadership V0524-E
Volume 5 Number 2 Museums: Challenges for the 21st Century V0525-E
Volume 5 Number 2 The Sydney Opera House: An Australian Icon V0526-E
Volume 5 Number 3 IJAM Volume 5 Number 3 (PDF) V0530-E
Volume 5 Number 3 IJAM Volume 5 Number 3 (PRINT) V0530-P
Volume 5 Number 3 Managing the New York Philharmonic in Today’s World V0531-E
Volume 5 Number 3 The Significance of European “Capital of Culture” for Tourism and Culture: The Case of Kraków 2000 V0532-E
Volume 5 Number 3 Applying New Product Development Models to the Performing Arts: Strategies for Managing Risk V0533-E
Volume 5 Number 3 The Role of Cultural Capital in Performing Arts Patronage V0534-E
Volume 5 Number 3 Investigating the Role of Companions in the Art Museum Experience V0535-E
Volume 5 Number 3 The Pittsburgh Ballet: Maintaining the Mission During Turbulent Times V0536-E
Volume 6 Number 1 IJAM Volume 6 Number 1 (PDF) V0610-E
Volume 6 Number 1 IJAM Volume 6 Number 1 (PRINT) V0610-P
Volume 6 Number 1 Toronto’s Roy Thomson Hall: A Metamorphosis V0611-E
Volume 6 Number 1 Achieving Community Ownership: The Case of a Regional Symphony Orchestra V0612-E
Volume 6 Number 1 Museum and Theatre Networks in Italy: Determinants and Typology V0613-E
Volume 6 Number 1 Entrepreneurship and Leadership in Marketing the Arts V0614-E
Volume 6 Number 1 Promotion of Cultural Events Through Urban Postering: An Exploratory Study of Its Effectiveness V0615-E
Volume 6 Number 1 Measuring Museum Performance: A Study of Museums in France and the United States V0616-E
Volume 6 Number 1 Zarin Mehta and the New York Philharmonic V0617-E
Volume 6 Number 2 IJAM Volume 6 Number 2 (PDF) V0620-E
Volume 6 Number 2 IJAM Volume 6 Number 2 (PRINT) V0620-P
Volume 6 Number 2 The Social Production of Creative Products in the Television and Film Industry V0621-E
Volume 6 Number 2 Marketing Management in Cultural Organizations: A Case Study of Catalan Museums V0622-E
Volume 6 Number 2 Consumer Satisfaction and Post-purchase Intentions: An Exploratory Study of Museum Visitors V0623-E
Volume 6 Number 2 The Art of Reflective Management: Dramatic Insights from Scottish Community Theatre V0624-E
Volume 6 Number 2 Organizational Structure of Russian State Museums: Recent Innovations V0625-E
Volume 6 Number 2 Haves and Have-Nots: Investment Capital among Performing Arts Presenters in the United States V0626-E
Volume 6 Number 2 Fanny Mikey and the Ibero-American Theatre Festival of Bogotá V0627-E
Volume 6 Number 3 IJAM Volume 6 Number 3 (PDF) V0630-E
Volume 6 Number 3 IJAM Volume 6 Number 3 (PRINT) V0630-P
Volume 6 Number 3 And the Band Played On: Professional Musicians in Military and Service Bands V0631-E
Volume 6 Number 3 From Arts Management to Cultural Administration V0632-E
Volume 6 Number 3 The Release of “Greatest Hits” in the Italian Recording Industry: An Empirical Analysis of Strategies and Timing V0633-E
Volume 6 Number 3 Earmarked Taxes for the Arts: US Experience and Policy Implications V0634-E
Volume 6 Number 3 Raising Private Investment Funds for Museums V0635-E
Volume 6 Number 3 Klaus Zehelein and the Stuttgart State Opera: When Tradition and Innovation Go Hand in Hand V0636-E
Volume 7 Number 1 IJAM Volume 7 Number 1 (PDF) V0710-E
Volume 7 Number 1 IJAM Volume 7 Number 1 (PRINT) V0710-P
Volume 7 Number 1 Is It Time to Call in an Architect? Perhaps Not Yet V0711-E
Volume 7 Number 1 The Entrepreneurial Artist as Marketer: Drawing from the Smaller-Firm Literature V0712-E
Volume 7 Number 1 Motivation, Ability and Opportunity to Participate: A Reconceptualization of the RAND Model of Audience Development V0713-E
Volume 7 Number 1 The Olympics in Australia: Museums Meet Mega and Hallmark Events V0714-E
Volume 7 Number 1 Fiction Readers’ Appreciation of Text Attributes in Literary and Popular Novels: Some Empirical Findings V0715-E
Volume 7 Number 1 Arts, Culture and Business: A Relationship Transformation, a Nascent Field V0716-E
Volume 7 Number 1 Glenn D. Lowry and MoMA V0717-E
Volume 7 Number 2 IJAM Volume 7 Number 2 (PDF) V0720-E
Volume 7 Number 2 IJAM Volume 7 Number 2 (PRINT) V0720-P
Volume 7 Number 2 Can the Knowledge-Creation Process Be Managed? A Case Study of an Artist Training Project V0721-E
Volume 7 Number 2 Accounting Fraud at Live Entertainment Canada, Incorporated, 1993-98 V0722-E
Volume 7 Number 2 The Impact of Privatization on Museum Admission Charges: A Case Study from Taiwan V0723-E
Volume 7 Number 2 The Impact of Service Elements on the Artistic Experience: The Case of Classical Music Concerts V0724-E
Volume 7 Number 2 Moviegoing Frequency Among Dutch Consumers: Interaction Between Audiences and Market Factors V0725-E
Volume 7 Number 2 Tony Hall and the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden V0726-E
Volume 7 Number 3 IJAM Volume 7 Number 3 (PDF) V0730-E
Volume 7 Number 3 IJAM Volume 7 Number 3 (PRINT) V0730-P
Volume 7 Number 3 Managing as Creating V0731-E
Volume 7 Number 3 Accounting for New Technology in Museum Exhibitions V0732-E
Volume 7 Number 3 Strategic Positioning of the Venice Biennial: Analysing the Market for Periodic Contemporary Art Exhibitions V0733-E
Volume 7 Number 3 Moviegoers’ Consultation of Film Reviews in the Search for Information: A Multi-country Study V0734-E
Volume 7 Number 3 Much Ado About Management: Managerial Rhetoric in the Transformation of Italian Opera Houses V0735-E
Volume 7 Number 3 The Piccolo Teatro of Milan: Theatre of Europe V0736-E
Volume 8 Number 1 IJAM Volume 8 Number 1 (PDF) V0810-E
Volume 8 Number 1 IJAM Volume 8 Number 1 (PRINT) V0810-P
Volume 8 Number 1 The Importance of Accuracy in Attendance Reporting V0811-E
Volume 8 Number 1 Systemic Capacity Building in Cultural Administration V0812-E
Volume 8 Number 1 The Performing Arts Value Chain V0813-E
Volume 8 Number 1 Entertainment Pirates: Determinants of Piracy in the Software, Music and Movie Industries V0814-E
Volume 8 Number 1 Consumer Perception of Private Versus Public Sponsorship of the Arts V0815-E
Volume 8 Number 1 Structure of the Contemporary Art Market and the Profile of Italian Artists V0816-E
Volume 8 Number 1 Jacques Matte and the Festival du Cinéma International en Abitibi-Témiscamingue V0817-E
Volume 8 Number 2 IJAM Volume 8 Number 2 (PDF) V0820-E
Volume 8 Number 2 IJAM Volume 8 Number 2 (PRINT) V0820-P
Volume 8 Number 2 Tourists’ Knowledge of the UNESCO Designation of World Heritage Sites: The Case of Visitors to Quebec City V0821-E
Volume 8 Number 2 The Personality of Cultural Festivals: Scale Development and Applications V0822-E
Volume 8 Number 2 Take Me Out to the Opera: Are Sports and Arts Complements? Evidence from the Performing Arts Research Coalition Data V0823-E
Volume 8 Number 2 “Friends” Schemes in Arts Marketing: Developing Relationships in British Provincial Theatres V0824-E
Volume 8 Number 2 Classification of Popular Music Festivals: A Typology of Festivals and an Inquiry into Their Role in the Construction of Music Genres V0825-E
Volume 8 Number 2 Martin Revheim, Blå and the Kongsberg Jazz Festival: Suksess Need Not Be Translated V0826-E
Volume 8 Number 3 IJAM Volume 8 Number 3 (PDF) V0830-E
Volume 8 Number 3 IJAM Volume 8 Number 3 (PRINT) V0830-P
Volume 8 Number 3 Institutional Change in Italian Museums: Does the Museum Director Have a Role to Play? V0831-E
Volume 8 Number 3 Positioning the Supply of Live Performance: Innovative Managerial Practices Relating to the Interaction of Spectator, Performance and Venue V0832-E
Volume 8 Number 3 The Role of Media Critics in the Cultural Industries V0833-E
Volume 8 Number 3 Measuring Audience Addiction to the Arts: The Case of an Italian Theatre V0834-E
Volume 8 Number 3 Life after Dance: Career Transition of Professional Dancers V0835-E
Volume 8 Number 3 Born to Be Wise: The Steppenwolf Theatre Company Mixes Freedom with Management Savvy V0836-E
Volume 9 Number 1 IJAM Volume 9 Number 1 (PDF) V0910-E
Volume 9 Number 1 IJAM Volume 9 Number 1 (PRINT) V0910-P
Volume 9 Number 1 From Bankruptcy to Sustainability: Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Renewal in a Performing Arts Organization V0911-E
Volume 9 Number 1 Dual Leadership as a Problem-Solving Tool in Arts Organizations V0912-E
Volume 9 Number 1 The French Poetry Economy V0913-E
Volume 9 Number 1 An Experiential Approach to the Consumption Value of Arts and Culture: The Case of Museums and Monuments V0914-E
Volume 9 Number 1 Event Preferences among Arts Patrons: Implications for Market Segmentation and Arts Management V0915-E
Volume 9 Number 1 Working Title Films, Independent Producer: Internationalization of the Film Industry V0916-E
Volume 9 Number 2 IJAM Volume 9 Number 2 (PDF) V0920-E
Volume 9 Number 2 IJAM Volume 9 Number 2 (PRINT) V0920-P
Volume 9 Number 2 The Futurist Stance of Historical Societies: An Analysis of Position Statements V0921-E
Volume 9 Number 2 Volunteer Management in Arts Organizations: A Case Study and Managerial Implications V0922-E
Volume 9 Number 2 Letting Go of the Reins: Paradoxes and Puzzles in Leading an Artistic Enterprise V0923-E
Volume 9 Number 2 A Scale for Measuring Aesthetic Style in the Field of Luxury and Art Products V0924-E
Volume 9 Number 2 Why Occasional Theatregoers in France Do Not Become Subscribers V0925-E
Volume 9 Number 2 Karen Kain and the National Ballet of Canada V0926-E
Volume 9 Number 3 IJAM Volume 9 Number 3 (PDF) V0930-E
Volume 9 Number 3 IJAM Volume 9 Number 3 (PRINT) V0930-P
Volume 9 Number 3 The Success of Finnish Conductors: Grand Narratives and Small Stories about Global Leadership V0931-E
Volume 9 Number 3 How Visual Artists Enter the Contemporary Art Market in France: A Dynamic Approach Based on a Network of Tests V0932-E
Volume 9 Number 3 Use of Baldrige Assessment Techniques in Strategic Planning and Assessment for Arts Administration in Higher Education V0933-E
Volume 9 Number 3 The Programming Strategies and Relationships of Theatres: An Analysis Based on the French Experience V0934-E
Volume 9 Number 3 Sounding Boards: Performing Arts Organizations and the Internet Forum V0935-E
Volume 9 Number 3 A Quiet Revolution: The Metropolitan Opera Reinvents Client Relations Management V0936-E
Volume 10 Number 1 IJAM Volume 10 Number 1 (PDF) V1010-E
Volume 10 Number 1 IJAM Volume 10 Number 1 (PRINT) V1010-P
Volume 10 Number 1 Governance of Major Cultural Institutions: The Case of the Paris Opera V1011-E
Volume 10 Number 1 The Role of the Corporate Art Collection in Corporate Identity Management: The Case of Deutsche Bank V1012-E
Volume 10 Number 1 The Influence of Embeddedness and Social Mechanisms on Organizational Performance in the Music Industry: The Case of Mescal Music V1013-E
Volume 10 Number 1 Effects of Country-Genre Congruence on the Evaluation of Movies: The Moderating Role of Critical Reviews and Moviegoers’ Prior Knowledge V1014-E
Volume 10 Number 1 Bullying in Theatres and Arts Centres in the United Kingdom V1015-E
Volume 10 Number 1 Mikhaïl Piotrovsky and the State Hermitage Museum V1016-E
Volume 10 Number 2 IJAM Volume 10 Number 2 (PDF) V1020-E
Volume 10 Number 2 IJAM Volume 10 Number 2 (PRINT) V1020-P
Volume 10 Number 2 Financial Crises in the Arts Sector: Is Governance the Illness or the Cure? V1021-E
Volume 10 Number 2 The Influence of Market and Product Orientation on Museum Performance V1022-E
Volume 10 Number 2 Investing in Art Movements: The Case of Surrealist Paintings V1023-E
Volume 10 Number 2 Developing a Conceptual Model for Repurchase Intention in the Performing Arts: The Roles of Emotion, Core Service and Service Delivery V1024-E
Volume 10 Number 2 Admission Charges and Public Museums V1025-E
Volume 10 Number 2 Hitting a High Note: The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Reverses a Decade of Decline with New Programs, New Services and New Prices V1026-E
Volume 10 Number 3 IJAM Volume 10 Number 3 (PDF) V1030-E
Volume 10 Number 3 IJAM Volume 10 Number 3 (PRINT) V1030-P
Volume 10 Number 3 Positioning Strategies of Cultural Institutions: A Renewal of the Offer in the Face of Shifting Consumer Trends V1031-E
Volume 10 Number 3 Performance Measurement in Opera Companies: Comparing the Subjective Quality Judgements of Experts and Non-experts V1032-E
Volume 10 Number 3 Personal Time and Social Time: Their Role in Live Performance Attendance V1033-E
Volume 10 Number 3 The Personality of Performing Arts Venues: Developing a Measurement Scale V1034-E
Volume 10 Number 3 Academic Assessment of Arts Management Journals: A Multidimensional Rating Survey V1035-E
Volume 10 Number 3 Gran Teatre del Liceu: Rising from the Ashes V1036-E
Volume 11 Number 1 IJAM Volume 11 Number 1 (PDF) V1110-E
Volume 11 Number 1 IJAM Volume 11 Number 1 (PRINT) V1110-P
Volume 11 Number 1 Creative Process as Strategic Alliance V1111-E
Volume 11 Number 1 Creative Industries: The Business of Definition and Cultural Management Practice V1112-E
Volume 11 Number 1 Using “Values” to Position and Promote Museums V1113-E
Volume 11 Number 1 Conceptualizing and Measuring the Perceived Value of an Arts Venue as Applied to Live Performance V1114-E
Volume 11 Number 1 Do Immersive Technologies Add Value to the Museumgoing Experience? An Exploratory Study Conducted at France’s Paléosite V1115-E
Volume 11 Number 1 Management of the Client Relationship in Museums: Development of a Mobile Telephone Application (SMS) V1116-E
Volume 11 Number 1 Richard Monette, Antoni Cimolino and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival: The King and the Dauphin V1117-E
Volume 11 Number 2 IJAM Volume 11 Number 2 (PDF) V1120-E
Volume 11 Number 2 IJAM Volume 11 Number 2 (PRINT) V1120-P
Volume 11 Number 2 Exploring the Place of Museums in European Leisure Markets: An Approach Based on Consumer Values V1121-E
Volume 11 Number 2 The Process of Historic Evolution of Organizational Fields: An Analysis of Museums and Theatres in Southern and Northeastern Brazil V1122-E
Volume 11 Number 2 Performance Measurement of Heritage Conservation Activity in Sicily V1123-E
Volume 11 Number 2 Use of the Balanced Scorecard and Performance Metrics to Achieve Operational and Strategic Alignment in Arts and Culture Not-for-Profits V1124-E
Volume 11 Number 2 Performance Measurement in the Arts Sector: The Case of the Performing Arts V1125-E
Volume 11 Number 2 The National Arts Centre: An Institution Unique in North America V1126-E
Volume 11 Number 3 IJAM Volume 11 Number 3 (PDF) V1130-E
Volume 11 Number 3 IJAM Volume 11 Number 3 (PRINT) V1130-P
Volume 11 Number 3 Consumer Attitudes Towards Music Piracy: A Spanish Case Study V1131-E
Volume 11 Number 3 The Audience Experience: Measuring Quality in the Performing Arts V1132-E
Volume 11 Number 3 Brand Orientation of Museums: Model and Empirical Results V1133-E
Volume 11 Number 3 “I’d Rather Play Than Look at Statues”: The Experiences of Children With Art Works and Interactive Devices at an Art Exhibition V1134-E
Volume 11 Number 3 Managing Cultural Events and Meetings Activities in European Urban Destinations V1135-E
Volume 11 Number 3 The Renaissance of the Royal Ontario Museum: Architecture Meets Experiential Marketing V1136-E
Volume 12 Number 1 IJAM Volume 12 Number 1 (PDF) V1210-E
Volume 12 Number 1 JAM Volume 12 Number 1 (PRINT) V1210-P
Volume 12 Number 1 Talking Theatre Is More Than a Test Drive: Two Audience Development Methodologies Under Review V1211-E
Volume 12 Number 1 Beyond Branding: Contemporary Marketing Challenges for Arts Organizations V1212-E
Volume 12 Number 1 Internationalization of the Production Process in the US Film Industry: The Case of the United Kingdom V1213-E
Volume 12 Number 1 Aesthetic Relations in Place of the Lone Hero in Arts Leadership: Examples from Film Making and Orchestral Performance V1214-E
Volume 12 Number 1 Customer Identification and Retention: The Determinants of Intention to Re-patronize in the Film Industry V1215-E
Volume 12 Number 1 Opéra de Montréal: An Inspiring Turnaround V1216-E
Volume 12 Number 2 IJAM Volume 12 Number 2 (PDF) V1220-E
Volume 12 Number 2 IJAM Volume 12 Number 2 (PRINT) V1220-P
Volume 12 Number 2 Value Drivers for Cultural Events: Empirical Evidence From Italy V1221-E
Volume 12 Number 2 German Artists Between Bohemian Idealism and Entrepreneurial Dynamics: Reflections on Cultural Entrepreneurship and the Need for Start-Up Management V1222-E
Volume 12 Number 2 Integrating Heritage Management and Tourism at Italian Cultural Destinations V1223-E
Volume 12 Number 2 What Future for Fan-Funded Labels in the Music Recording Industry? The Cases of MyMajorCompany and ArtistShare V1224-E
Volume 12 Number 2 Building an Arts-Business Partnership: The Case of Aeroplan and Tapestry New Opera V1225-E
Volume 12 Number 2 The Triple Challenge of La Folle Journée de Nantes, or How to Make a Success of Folly V1226-E
Volume 12 Number 3 IJAM Volume 12 Number 3 (PDF) V1230-E
Volume 12 Number 3 IJAM Volume 12 Number 3 (PRINT) V1230-P
Volume 12 Number 3 The Logic of Evaluation and Not-for-Profit Arts Organizations: The Perspective of an Evaluation Consultant V1231-E
Volume 12 Number 3 Strategic Plans in Arts Organizations: A Tool of Compromise Between Artistic and Managerial Values V1232-E
Volume 12 Number 3 The Design, Implementation and Management of Social Alliances for Arts- and Culture-Oriented Organizations V1233-E
Volume 12 Number 3 The Long Tail: Myth or Reality? V1234-E
Volume 12 Number 3 Developing a Scale to Measure Service Quality: An Exploratory Study V1235-E
Volume 12 Number 3 A Ticket to Wonderland: Lookingglass Theatre Weathers the Recession With Clever Pricing V1236-E
Volume 13 Number 1 IJAM Volume 13 Number 1 (PDF) V1310-E
Volume 13 Number 1 IJAM Volume 13 Number 1 (PRINT) V1310-P
Volume 13 Number 1 A Taste of What’s to Come: The Appetitive Value of Sequential Product Launches V1311-E
Volume 13 Number 1 Museums as Serigraphs or Unique Masterpieces: Do American Art Museums Display Differentiation in Their Mission Statements? V1312-E
Volume 13 Number 1 Paradox in the Worlds of Art: Socio-economic Stability and Organizational Multiplicity V1313-E
Volume 13 Number 1 The Art of Leadership: An Evolutionary Perspective V1314-E
Volume 13 Number 1 Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal: Getting Back in the Limelight V1315-E
Volume 13 Number 2 IJAM Volume 13 Number 2 (PDF) V1320-E
Volume 13 Number 2 IJAM Volume 13 Number 2 (PRINT) V1320-P
Volume 13 Number 2 The Influence of Messages and Benefits on Donors’ Attributed Motivations: Findings of a Study With 14 American Performing Arts Presenters V1321-E
Volume 13 Number 2 Can the Generation Gap Impede Immersion in an Exhibition? The Case of Annisettanta (The 1970s) V1322-E
Volume 13 Number 2 Measuring Museum Service Quality in Relationship to Visitor Membership: The Case of a Children’s Museum V1323-E
Volume 13 Number 2 A Conceptual Framework for Studying Succession in Artistic and Administrative Leadership in the Cultural Sector V1324-E
Volume 13 Number 2 Portrait of a Star: National Gallery of Victoria V1325-E
Volume 13 Number 3 IJAM Volume 13 Number 3 (PDF) V1330-E
Volume 13 Number 3 IJAM Volume 13 Number 3 (PRINT) V1330-P
Volume 13 Number 3 Art Collections as a Strategy Tool: A Typology Based on the Belgian Financial Sector V1331-E
Volume 13 Number 3 Measuring National-Level Cultural Capacity With the National Arts Index V1332-E
Volume 13 Number 3 Individual Giving to Support Cultural Heritage V1333-E
Volume 13 Number 3 Evolution of Arts and Cultural Management Research Over the First Ten AIMAC Conferences (1991–2009) V1334-E
Volume 13 Number 3 Staging Magic: Forty Years of Product Management at Théâtre Sans Fil V1335-E
Volume 14 Number 1 IJAM Volume 14 Number 1 (PDF) V1410-E
Volume 14 Number 1 IJAM Volume 14 Number 1 (PRINT) V1410-P
Volume 14 Number 1 The Manifestation of Market Orientation and Its Antecedents in the Program Planning of Arts Organizations V1411-E
Volume 14 Number 1 Web Strategies and the Performing Arts: A Solution to Difficult Brands V1412-E
Volume 14 Number 1 Loyalty Behaviours and Segmentation of Performing Arts Audiences: The Case of Théâtre de l’Athénée in Paris V1413-E
Volume 14 Number 1 Communication Strategies to Enhance the Effectiveness of Product Placement in Movies: The Case of Comparative Appeal V1414-E
Volume 14 Number 1 Gabriel García Márquez and the Foundation for a New Ibero-American Journalism V1415-E
Volume 14 Number 2 IJAM Volume 14 Number 2 (PDF) V1420-E
Volume 14 Number 2 IJAM Volume 14 Number 2 (PRINT) V1420-P
Volume 14 Number 2 Can Good Governance Prevent Financial Crises in Arts Organizations? V1421-E
Volume 14 Number 2 Impact of Underlying Demand and Agglomeration of Supply on Seasonality: The Case of the Hollywood Film Industry V1422-E
Volume 14 Number 2 Designing a Strategic Framework to Assess Museum Activities V1423-E
Volume 14 Number 2 From Mainstage to Movies to Media: Sustaining the Live and Performing Arts Through Artistic Convergence and the Balaban and Katz Philosophy of Continuous Performance V1424-E
Volume 14 Number 2 Make No Little Plans: The Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago V1425-E
Volume 14 Number 3 IJAM Volume 14 Number 3 (PDF) V1430-E
Volume 14 Number 3 IJAM Volume 14 Number 3 (PRINT) V1430-P
Volume 14 Number 3 The Organization of Knowledge Sharing at the Colorado Music Festival V1431-E
Volume 14 Number 3 Surviving in Times of Turmoil: Adaptation of the Théâtre Les Deux Mondes Business Model V1432-E
Volume 14 Number 3 The Importance of Word of Mouth for Museums: An Analytical Framework V1433-E
Volume 14 Number 3 Four Business Models in Contemporary Art V1434-E
Volume 14 Number 3 The Bank of the Republic and Cultural Management: A Process of Organizational Learning V1435-E
Volume 15 Number 1 IJAM Volume 15 Number 1 (PDF) V1510-E
Volume 15 Number 1 IJAM Volume 15 Number 1 (PRINT) V1510-P
Volume 15 Number 1 Renewal of Territorial Governance Through Cultural Events: Case Study of the Picasso-Aix 2009 Cultural Season V1511-E
Volume 15 Number 1 Impact of Mediation Devices on the Museum Visit Experience and on Visitors’ Behavioural Intentions V1512-E
Volume 15 Number 1 Consumer Perception of Abstract and Representational Visual Art V1513-E
Volume 15 Number 1 The Music Industry in the Digital Age: Consumer Participation in Value Creation V1514-E
Volume 15 Number 1 Lille Metropolitan Art Programme: Museum Networking in Northern France V1515-E
Volume 15 Number 2 IJAM Volume 15 Number 2 (PDF) V1520-E
Volume 15 Number 2 IJAM Volume 15 Number 2 (PRINT) V1520-P
Volume 15 Number 2 The Solid Body Guitar in the Digital Era: How Persistent Myths Influence Musicians’ Evaluation Criteria V1521-E
Volume 15 Number 2 The Disruptive Nature of Digitization: The Case of the Recorded Music Industry V1522-E
Volume 15 Number 2 The Digital Revolution and Convergence in the Videogame and Animation Industries: Effects on the Strategic Organization of the Innovation Process V1523-E
Volume 15 Number 2 Technological Change at the Heart of the Creative Process: Insights From the Videogame Industry V1524-E
Volume 15 Number 2 The Future of Museums in the Digital Age: New Models for Access to and Use of Digital Collections V1525-E
Volume 15 Number 2 Pitchfork: Birth of an Indie Music Mega-brand V1526-E
Volume 15 Number 3 IJAM Volume 15 Number 3 (PDF) V1530-E
Volume 15 Number 3 IJAM Volume 15 Number 3 (PRINT) V1530-P
Volume 15 Number 3 What’s a Movie Worth? Determining the Monetary Value of Motion Pictures’ TV Rights V1531-E
Volume 15 Number 3 Attractiveness of Limited Edition Artwork for First-Generation Newly Affluent Consumers V1532-E
Volume 15 Number 3 The Subsidized Contemporary Dance Market in France: Creation at All Costs V1533-E
Volume 15 Number 3 Picasso’s Guernica: The Strength of an Art Brand in Destination e-Branding V1534-E
Volume 15 Number 3 Searching for Relevance: Survival Strategies of Museums During Times of Political Uncertainty in South Africa V1535-E
Volume 16 Number 1 IJAM Volume 16 Number 1 (PDF) V1610-E
Volume 16 Number 1 IJAM Volume 16 Number 1 (PRINT) V1610-P
Volume 16 Number 1 How to Attract and Retain Artistic Talent: The Case of an Italian Ballet Company V1611-E
Volume 16 Number 1 Performance Measurement at World Heritage Sites: Per Aspera ad Astra V1612-E
Volume 16 Number 1 Embracing Jazz: Exploring Audience Participation in Jazz Music in Its Birthplace V1613-E
Volume 16 Number 1 Are Arts Events a Good Way of Augmenting the Economic Impact of Sport? The Case of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the National Arts Festival in South Africa V1614-E
Volume 16 Number 1 The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: Balancing International Reach and Strong Local Roots V1615-E
Volume 16 Number 2 IJAM Volume 16 Number 2 (PDF) V1620-E
Volume 16 Number 2 IJAM Volume 16 Number 2 (PRINT) V1620-P
Volume 16 Number 2 From Museum to Amusement Park: The Opportunities and Risks of Edutainment V1621-E
Volume 16 Number 2 Determinants of the Number of Artworks in Corporate Art Collections V1622-E
Volume 16 Number 2 Creativity and the Reproduction of Cultural Products: The Experience of Italian Haute Cuisine Chefs V1623-E
Volume 16 Number 2 Managing Transition in an Artistic Company With Entrepreneurial Management: A Case Study of Groupe Bernard Loiseau V1624-E
Volume 16 Number 2 Daniel Boulud: The Making of a Successful Creative Individual Business Model V1625-E
Volume 16 Number 3 IJAM Volume 16 Number 3 (PDF) V1630-E
Volume 16 Number 3 IJAM Volume 16 Number 3 (PRINT) V1630-P
Volume 16 Number 3 When Organizations in the Cultural Industries Seek New Business Models: A Case Study of the French Online Press V1631-E
Volume 16 Number 3 How Do Investors Communicate With Innovators Such as “Geeks”? A Case Study of HackFwd V1632-E
Volume 16 Number 3 Financing Creativity: Crowdfunding as a New Approach for Theatre Projects V1633-E
Volume 16 Number 3 The Role of Open Licences and Free Music in Value Co-creation: The Case of Misteur Valaire V1634-E
Volume 16 Number 3 Roger Parent and Réalisations Inc. Montréal: A Flair for Creativity V1635-E
Volume 17 Number 1 IJAM Volume 17 Number 1 (PDF) V1710-E
Volume 17 Number 1 IJAM Volume 17 Number 1 (PRINT) V1710-P
Volume 17 Number 1 Space, Movement and Attention: Affordances of the Museum Environment V1711-E
Volume 17 Number 1 Creating Brand Identity in Art Museums: A Case Study V1712-E
Volume 17 Number 1 Programming Strategies and Demand in the Performing Arts: The Case of the Forum in Le Blanc-Mesnil, France V1713-E
Volume 17 Number 1 Arts Funding and Its Effects on Strategy, Management and Learning V1714-E
Volume 17 Number 1 Joana Vasconcelos: Managing an Artist’s Studio in the 21st Century V1715-E
Volume 17 Number 2 IJAM Volume 17 Number 2 (PDF) V1720-E
Volume 17 Number 2 IJAM Volume 17 Number 2 (PRINT) V1720-P
Volume 17 Number 2 The Dynamics of Emotions in Movie Consumption: A Spectator-Centred Approach V1721-E
Volume 17 Number 2 The Potential Effect of VOD on the Sequential Process of Theatrical Movies V1722-E
Volume 17 Number 2 Exploration of the Concept of Cinephilia in the Context of an Emerging Country: The Case of Tunisia V1723-E
Volume 17 Number 2 The Wisdom of Crowds in the Movie Industry: Towards New Solutions to Reduce Uncertainties V1724-E
Volume 17 Number 2 Excel Entertainment: A Reflection of Contemporary Bollywood V1725-E
Volume 17 Number 3 IJAM Volume 17 Number 3 (PDF) V1730-E
Volume 17 Number 3 IJAM Volume 17 Number 3 (PRINT) V1730-P
Volume 17 Number 3 Preservation of Living Cultural Heritage: The Case of Basque Choirs and Their Audience V1731-E
Volume 17 Number 3 New Variations of Dual Leadership: Insights From Finnish Theatre V1732-E
Volume 17 Number 3 Generativity: Its Role, Dimensions and Impact on Cultural Organizations in France V1733-E
Volume 17 Number 3 External Impact of Arts Management Research: An Extended Analysis V1734-E
Volume 17 Number 3 From the Student Side of the Ivory Tower: An Empirical Study of Student Expectations of Internships in Arts and Cultural Management V1735-E
Volume 17 Number 3 The Second City Is First in Creative Entrepreneurship V1736-E
Volume 18 Number 1 IJAM Volume 18 Number 1 (PDF) V1810-E
Volume 18 Number 1 IJAM Volume 18 Number 1 (PRINT) V1810-P
Volume 18 Number 1 Interactive Design and Community Participation: The Case of Mullae Art Village V1811-E
Volume 18 Number 1 Breaking Down the Fourth Wall in Arts Management: The Implications of Engaging Users in Decision-Making V1812-E
Volume 18 Number 1 Audience Participation in Cultural Projects: Bringing the Organization Back In V1813-E
Volume 18 Number 1 Web 2.0: Is the Museum-Visit or Relationship Being Redefined? V1814-E
Volume 18 Number 1 Can Interactive Mediation Tools Bridge the Identity Gap Between the Public and the Art Museum? V1815-E
Volume 18 Number 1 How Do the underprivileged Access Culture? V1816-E
Volume 18 Number 1 How to Engage Audiences With Increasingly Eclectic Tastes: The Experience of TOHU,  a Montreal Circus Arts Presenter V1817-E
Volume 18 Number 2 IJAM Volume 18 Number 2 (PDF) V1820-E
Volume 18 Number 2 IJAM Volume 18 Number 2 (PRINT) V1820-P
Volume 18 Number 2 The Reaction of Visitors to Contemporary Art in a Classical Art Institution: A Louvre Museum Case Study V1821-E
Volume 18 Number 2 Mural Art at a Business School: The Impact of Viewers’ Personal Economic Philosophy on Evoked Emotions, Cognitive Responses and Narrative Recognition V1822-E
Volume 18 Number 2 How to Avoid Dependence in the Videogame Industry: The Case of Ankama V1823-E
Volume 18 Number 2 Efficiency of Web Communication Strategies: The Case of Art Museums V1824-E
Volume 18 Number 2 Communicating Identity or Status? A Media Analysis of Art Works Visible in Photographic Portraits of Business Executives V1825-E
Volume 18 Number 2 The Art, Influence and Business of Satire: Peeling Back the Layers of The Onion V1826-E
Volume 18 Number 3 IJAM Volume 18 Number 3 (PDF) V1830-E
Volume 18 Number 3 IJAM Spring 2016 Special Edition Latin America (PDF) V1830LA-E
Volume 18 Number 3 IJAM Spring 2016 Special Edition Latin America (PRINT) V1830LA-P
Volume 18 Number 3 IJAM Volume 18 Number 3 (PRINT) V1830-P
Volume 18 Number 3 Unveiling Latent Demand in the Cultural Industries: An Application to Live Music Participation V1831-E
Volume 18 Number 3 Arts Management in Developing Countries: A Latin American Perspective V1831LA-E
Volume 18 Number 3 The Phantom of Modern Opera: How Economics and Politics Affect the Programming Strategies of Opera Houses V1832-E
Volume 18 Number 3 Constructing the Meaning of Cultural Management in Latin America V1832LA-E
Volume 18 Number 3 When Placement Becomes Collaborative Branded Entertainment: The Case of Music Concerts V1833-E
Volume 18 Number 3 The Role of Arts Organizations in Cultural Policy: The “Cultural Return” Analysis V1833LA-E
Volume 18 Number 3 Reasons for Networking in Institutionalized Music Productions: Case Studies of an Opera House and a Music Festival V1834-E
Volume 18 Number 3 Cultural Policies in the Mirror of Theatre Directors in Cali V1834LA-E
Volume 18 Number 3 Network of Organizational Identities in the Formation of a Cultural Joint Venture: A Case Study of the Helsinki Music Centre V1835-E
Volume 18 Number 3 nalysis of Public Policies for Crafts Development in Mexico V1835LA-E
Volume 18 Number 3 Festival de Lanaudière: Differentiation in Customer Experience V1836-E
Volume 18 Number 3 Cultural Entrepreneurship from a Local Perspective. An Exploratory View from Statistical Textual Analysis Applied to the Colombian Case V1836LA-E
Volume 18 Number 3 Management Practices in Theater: a Diagnosis of Chilean Independent Companies and their Operating Models V1837LA-E
Volume 18 Number 3 Rio de Janeiro’s Movie Industry Cluster and its Sources of Growth V1838LA-E
Volume 18 Number 3 Tania Pérez-Salas, Dancer and Choreographer: From Artistic Creation to Management of a Cultural Enterprise V1839LA-E
Volume 19 Number 1 IJAM Volume 19 Number 1 (PDF) V1910-E
Volume 19 Number 1 IJAM Volume 19 Number 1 (PRINT) V1910-P
Volume 19 Number 1 A Portrait of the Artist as an Employee: The Impact of Personality on Career Satisfaction V1911-E
Volume 19 Number 1 Managing Creative Teams in Small Ambidextrous Organizations: The Case of Videogames V1912-E
Volume 19 Number 1 Self-Management of Work in the Creative Industries in the Netherlands V1913-E
Volume 19 Number 1 Creating a Competitive Advantage: The Exoticism of Tango and Salsa From Cali, Colombia V1914-E
Volume 19 Number 1 Brand Audit for Cultural Institutions (BAC): A Validated and Holistic Brand Controlling Tool V1915-E
Volume 19 Number 1 Audience Behaviour or Buyer Behaviour: What Can Models of Brand Buying Behaviour Say About Arts Audiences? V1916-E
Volume 19 Number 1 The Tricks of Artistic Training: Learning From Bartabas’s Academy of Equestrian Arts V1917-E
Volume 19 Number 2 IJAM Volume 19 Number 2 (PDF) V1920-E
Volume 19 Number 2 IJAM Volume 19 Number 2 (PRINT) V1920-P
Volume 19 Number 2 Do Employees in the Cultural Sector Adhere More Strongly to Their Organization’s Goals Than Employees in Other Sectors? V1921-E
Volume 19 Number 2 Knowledge-Centric Arts Organizations: Connecting Practice to Performance V1922-E
Volume 19 Number 2 Corporate Museums to Enhance Brand Authenticity in Luxury Goods Companies: The Case of Salvatore Ferragamo V1923-E
Volume 19 Number 2 Does the Artist’s Name Influence the Perceived Value of an Art Work? V1924-E
Volume 19 Number 2 Arts Management the Indian Way: Bangalore’s Ranga Shankara Theatre V1925-E
Volume 19 Number 3 IJAM Volume 19 Number 3 (PDF) V1930-E
Volume 19 Number 3 IJAM Volume 19 Number 3 (PRINT) V1930-P
Volume 19 Number 3 Consumption Habits, Perception and Positioning of Content-Access Devices in Recorded Music V1931-E
Volume 19 Number 3 A Quantitative Analysis of Reading Habits in Spain V1932-E
Volume 19 Number 3 An Artist’s Perceived Value: Development of a Measurement Scale V1933-E
Volume 19 Number 3 Share of Local Programming in Spanish Public Theatres V1934-E
Volume 19 Number 3 Live Flamenco in Spain: A Dynamic Analysis of Supply, With Managerial Implications V1935-E
Volume 19 Number 3 Teatro Olympia: A Family-Run Venue Entering a New Century V1936-E
Volume 20 Number 1 IJAM Volume 20 Number 1 (PDF) V2010-E
Volume 20 Number 1 IJAM Volume 20 Number 1 (PRINT) V2010-P
Volume 20 Number 1 Consumer Perceptions of Arts Organizations’ Strategies for Responding to Online Reviews V2011-E
Volume 20 Number 1 Subscribers’ Overall Evaluation of a Multi-experience Cultural Service, Tolerance for Disappointment, and Sustainable Loyalty V2012-E
Volume 20 Number 1 Distinctions Between Frequent Performing Arts Consumers: Implications for Segmentation and Positioning V2013-E
Volume 20 Number 1 Managing Creative Firms by Adopting a Paradox Framework: The Case of Studio Libeskind V2014-E
Volume 20 Number 1 Scheduled Audience Capacity for Performing Arts Productions: The Role of Product Innovativeness and Organizational Legitimacy V2015-E
Volume 20 Number 1 Doing Well by Doing Good: Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal Offers Dance Therapy as a Strategic Initiative V2016-E
Volume 20 Number 2 IJAM Volume 20 Number 2 (PDF) V2020-E
Volume 20 Number 2 IJAM Volume 20 Number 2 (PRINT) V2020-P
Volume 20 Number 2 Creative Futures for New Contemporary Artists: Opportunities and Barriers V2021-E
Volume 20 Number 2 Compete or Cooperate in the Creative Industries? A Quasi-experimental Study With Dutch Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurs V2022-E
Volume 20 Number 2 Value Creation by and Evaluation of US Arts Incubators V2023-E
Volume 20 Number 2 De visitus non est disputandum: How Visitors to Public Museums Cluster Towards Deaccessioning V2024-E
Volume 20 Number 2 Board Composition and Organizational Performance in the Cultural Sector: The Case of Italian Opera Houses V2025-E
Volume 20 Number 2 rouping or Grounding? Cultural District and Creative Cluster Management in Nantes, France V2026-E
Volume 20 Number 3 IJAM Volume 20 Number 3 (PDF) V2030-E
Volume 20 Number 3 IJAM Volume 20 Number 3 (PRINT) V2030-P
Volume 20 Number 3 Does the Web Diversify the Visibility of Books? Evidence From French Data V2031-E
Volume 20 Number 3 It’s a Matter of Attention: The Marketing of Theatres in the Age of Social Media V2032-E
Volume 20 Number 3 Distributed Agility: Artist Co-management in the Music Attention Economy V2033-E
Volume 20 Number 3 Media: From the Contact Economy to the Attention Economy V2034-E
Volume 20 Number 3 The Importance of the Venue in an Information Search: Online Ticket Purchase in the Performing Arts V2035-E
Volume 20 Number 3 Chinese Opera and the International Market V2036-E
Volume 20 Number 3 Louvre Abu Dhabi: A Radical Innovation, But What Future for French Cultural Influence? V2037-E
Volume 21 Number 1 IJAM Volume 21 Number 1 (PDF) V2110-E
Volume 21 Number 1 IJAM Volume 21 Number 1 (PRINT) V2110-P
Volume 21 Number 1 ICT Adoption Behaviours of Heritage Organizations in South West Europe: Conservative, Pragmatist and Pioneering V2111-E
Volume 21 Number 1 Cost Disease in Consumption and Spectatorship Management: A Cross-Country Study of the Value Creation Mechanism in the Performing Arts V2112-E
Volume 21 Number 1 Overcoming Project Inertia and Gaining Project Momentum: Strategic Adaptation in Cultural Facilities Planning V2113-E
Volume 21 Number 1 Performance Measurement in Non-profit Theatre Organizations: The Case of Greek Municipal and Regional Theatres V2114-E
Volume 21 Number 1 A Matrix That Encompasses the Diversity of Successions in Cultural Organizations V2115-E
Volume 21 Number 1 How the Attributes of a Museum Experience Influence Electronic Word-of-Mouth Valence: An Analysis of Online Museum Reviews V2116-E
Volume 21 Number 1 How God and King Affect Our Music Tastes: Religiosity and Political Interest as Predictors of Omnivorousness V2117-E
Volume 21 Number 2 IJAM Volume 21 Number 2 (PDF) V2120-E
Volume 21 Number 2 IJAM Volume 21 Number 2 (PRINT) V2120-P
Volume 21 Number 2 Customer Relationships in Arts Marketing: A Review of Key Dimensions in Delivery by Artistic and Cultural Organizations V2121-E
Volume 21 Number 2 Experiential Staging in the Urban Space: Video Mapping of Places and Non-places V2122-E
Volume 21 Number 2 Narrative Transportation and Transmedia Consumption Experience in the Cultural Field V2123-E
Volume 21 Number 2 The Mediating Role of Place Attachment in Experience and Word of Mouth: The Case of Music and Film Festivals V2124-E
Volume 21 Number 2 Art Museum Visitor Segments: Evidence From Italy on Omnivores and Highbrow Univores V2125-E
Volume 21 Number 2 The Decision to Purchase a Bundled Cultural Pass: The Role of Pre-existing Attitudinal and Behavioural Relationships With One Network Member V2126-E
Volume 21 Number 2 Using Technology to Optimize Customer Relationship Management: The Case of Cirque du Soleil V2127-E
Volume 21 Number 3 IJAM Volume 21 Number 3 (PDF) V2130-E
Volume 21 Number 3 IJAM Volume 21 Number 3 (PRINT) V2130-P
Volume 21 Number 3 An International Perspective on Managing a Career as a Woman Composer V2131-E
Volume 21 Number 3 From Know-How to Know-When: Strategies That Brazilian Musicians Use to Reorient Their Careers in the Face of Technological and Institutional Changes V2132-E
Volume 21 Number 3 The Role of the Museum Shop: Eliciting the Opinions of Museum Professionals V2133-E
Volume 21 Number 3 Object Label Quality and Label Readership in Small Museums V2134-E
Volume 21 Number 3 French Budget Act (LOLF) Indicators as Seen Through the Lens of the National Drama Centres: A Case Study V2135-E
Volume 21 Number 3 Operations Management and Strategic Positioning of the NCPA V2136-E
Volume 22 Number 1 IJAM Volume 22 Number 1 (PDF) V2210-E
Volume 22 Number 1 IJAM Volume 22 Number 1 (PRINT) V2210-P
Volume 22 Number 1 The Role of Background Music in Visitors’ Experience of Art Exhibitions: Music, Memory and Art Appraisal V2211-E
Volume 22 Number 1 Facing Disruption: The Cinema Value Chain in the Digital Age V2212-E
Volume 22 Number 1 Continuity and Variety: The Allocation of Symbolic Rewards in Elite Italian Winemaking V2213-E
Volume 22 Number 1 Governance of the German Film Industry: A Multilevel Analysis of State Aid Policy V2214-E
Volume 22 Number 1 Inside the “Panacousticon”: How Orchestra Conductors Play With Discipline to Produce Art V2215-E
Volume 22 Number 1 The Paradoxes of “Teaming” in the Creative Events Industry: The Case of Balich Worldwide Shows V2216-E
Volume 22 Number 2 IJAM Volume 22 Number 2 (PDF) V2220-E
Volume 22 Number 2 IJAM Volume 22 Number 2 (PRINT) V2220-P
Volume 22 Number 2 Identity Work In the Context of Co-located Creative Entrepreneurs: How Place Influences Professional Identity V2221-E
Volume 22 Number 2 Managing the Work Commitment of SOHO Creative Workers Located in the Same Quarter: A Place-Based Approach V2222-E
Volume 22 Number 2 The Figure of the Cultural Entrepreneur: A Political Construct V2223-E
Volume 22 Number 2 Business Success for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurs: Influences of Individual- and Firm-Related Factors on Revenue and Satisfaction V2224-E
Volume 22 Number 2 Direct, Indirect and Cross-Lagged: The Effects of Cultural Policy on Nascent Cultural Entrepreneurship V2225-E
Volume 22 Number 2 Notre-Dame Is Burning: Learning From the Crisis of a Superstar Religious Monument V2226-E
Volume 22 Number 3 IJAM Volume 22 Number 3 (PDF) V2230-E
Volume 22 Number 3 IJAM Volume 22 Number 3 (PRINT) V2230-P
Volume 22 Number 3 Steadfastly White, Female, Hetero and Able-Bodied: An International Survey on the Motivations and Experiences of Arts Management Graduates V2231-E
Volume 22 Number 3 Transitions in the Life Cycle of Cultural Organizations: The Cases of Four Montreal-Based Organizations V2232-E
Volume 22 Number 3 Has Art Lost Its Aura? How Reintermediation and Decoupling Have Changed the Rules of the Art Game: The Case of Artvisor V2233-E
Volume 22 Number 3 Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Artification Effect on Customer-Based Brand Equity in Luxury Brands V2234-E
Volume 22 Number 3 Passing the Bechdel Test and the Influence of Internet and Social Media Advertising on Seeing a New Movie Release V2235-E
Volume 22 Number 3 The Relative Importance of Labelling a Craft Product: A Conjoint Analysis V2236-E
Volume 22 Number 3 “So to Speak”: A Discursive Approach to Understanding Liminality in Business-to-Arts Interactions V2237-E
Volume 22 Number 3 Does Digital Mediation Really Change the Museum Experience? Museomix in the Lyon-Fourvière Archaeological Museum V2238-E
Volume 23 Number 1 IJAM Volume 23 Number 1 (PDF) V2310-E
Volume 23 Number 1 IJAM Volume 23 Number 1 (PRINT) V2310-P
Volume 23 Number 1 The Progressive Structuration and Boundary Setting of the Creative Industries as a Scientific Field V2311-E
Volume 23 Number 1 Post-Series Depression: Mediating the Relationship Between Screen Fandom and Abnormal Consumption of Screen-Related Products V2312-E
Volume 23 Number 1 How Status Affects the Unconventionality of Opera Repertoires: Conflicting Criteria for Status Distinction, Aesthetic Conventionality and Repertoire Nonconformity in Italian Opera V2313-E
Volume 23 Number 1 Customer Engagement and New Product Adoption in the Music Industry: The Importance of Fit Between Brand and New Product Innovativeness V2314-E
Volume 23 Number 1 Tensions for Cultural Entrepreneurs Managing Continuous Innovation: A Systematic Literature Review V2315-E
Volume 23 Number 1 From Niche Interest to Fashion Trend: Hanfu Clothing as a Rising Industry in China V2316-E
Volume 23 Number 2 IJAM Volume 23 Number 2 (PDF) V2320-E
Volume 23 Number 2 IJAM Volume 23 Number 2 (PRINT) V2320-P
Volume 23 Number 2 Closing the Museum Leadership Gap: Theoretical Framework and Empirical Investigation of Museum Leader Attributes V2321-E
Volume 23 Number 2 Key Performance Dimensions of the “Well-Tempered Musician”: A Framework for Artist Management V2322-E
Volume 23 Number 2 Death and Life: The Promise and Problems of the Arts in Rural Communities V2323-E
Volume 23 Number 2 Stability and Compatibility in the Receptivity of US Arts and Culture Organizations to Corporate Support V2324-E
Volume 23 Number 2 The Digital Strategies of Publishing Houses: A Matter of Book Content? V2325-E
Volume 23 Number 2 Venice in Crisis: The Brutal Marker of Covid-19 V2326-E
Volume 23 Number 3 IJAM Volume 23 Number 3 (PDF) V2330-E
Volume 23 Number 3 IJAM Volume 23 Number 3 (PRINT) V2330-P
Volume 23 Number 3 Socialization of Cultural Consumers in the Family: A Synthesis of 50 Years of Marketing Research V2331-E
Volume 23 Number 3 Kids, Today We’re Going to the Museum!” Discriminating Factors in Museum Visiting for Families With Children in Italy V2332-E
Volume 23 Number 3 Welcoming Families to the Museum: Reconsidering Forms of Cultural Mediation for Parent/Child Autonomous Visits V2333-E
Volume 23 Number 3 ntergenerational Transmission of Culinary Heritage: An Object-Centred Approach V2334-E
Volume 23 Number 3 Cultural Representation, Identity and Socialization: Exploring Critical Approaches to Providing Arts Education for North Korean Refugee Youth V2335-E
Volume 23 Number 3 Rock School Barbey: Music Transmission Through Informal Learning and Community of Practice V2336-E
Volume 24 Number 1 IJAM Volume 24 Number 1 (PDF) V2410-E
Volume 24 Number 1 IJAM Volume 24 Number 1 (PRINT) V2410-P
Volume 24 Number 1 Towards an Integrative Framework for Arts Governance V2411-E
Volume 24 Number 1 Public Boards: Questions of Representation on Supervisory Boards of German, Austrian and Swiss Theatres V2412-E
Volume 24 Number 1 Inside and Outside the Boardroom: Collaborative Practices in the Performing Arts Sector V2413-E
Volume 24 Number 1 Leading Collaborative Governance in the Cultural Sector: The Participatory Cases of Korean Arts Organizations V2414-E
Volume 24 Number 1 Arts Governance: From Ambivalence to Ambiguity V2415-E
Volume 24 Number 1 oard Size Matters: Fundraising in American Cultural Organizations V2416-E
Volume 24 Number 1 Austrian Film Festival Forum: Cultural Governance and Accountability in Viennese Film Festivals V2417-E
Volume 24 Number 2 IJAM Volume 24 Number 2 (PDF) V2420-E
Volume 24 Number 2 IJAM Volume 24 Number 2 (PRINT) V2420-P
Volume 24 Number 2 Exploring Attendees’ Experience at a Reggae Festival: A Case Study of Rototom Sunsplash V2421-E
Volume 24 Number 2 Assessing a DIY Toolkit to Measure the Economic Impact of Festivals at the National Level: Evidence From 19 Jazz Festivals in Italy V2422-E
Volume 24 Number 2 Economic Impact and Return on Public Investment of a Book Fair and Cultural Festival V2423-E
Volume 24 Number 2 Differentiation Through the Over-Experientialization of Cultural Offers: The Case of Contemporary Music Festivals V2424-E
Volume 24 Number 2 Business Model Evolution and Entrepreneurial Adaptation of Festivals: The Case of Santiago a Mil V2425-E
Volume 24 Number 2 The Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum in Bhopal, India V2426-E
Volume 24 Number 3 IJAM Volume 24 Number 3 (PDF) V2430-E
Volume 24 Number 3 IJAM Volume 24 Number 3 (PRINT) V2430-P
Volume 24 Number 3 Legitimating Business Skills in Fine Arts Education: The Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation V2431-E
Volume 24 Number 3 Employment Practices and Institutional Inertia in the Arts Sector: The Roles and Skills of Arts Managers in Building Organizational Capacity and Creating Public Value V2432-E
Volume 24 Number 3 Sustaining the Arts by Means of Business Model Innovation V2433-E
Volume 24 Number 3 Can Innovativeness in Museums Benefit From Ethical Virtues? V2434-E
Volume 24 Number 3 Cultural Omnivorousness in South Korea: The Effects of Political Participation, Religion and Cultural Infrastructure V2435-E
Volume 24 Number 3 Walking the Eco-Talk: Cultural and Arts Management During an Era of Sustainable Development V2436-E
Volume 25 Number 1 IJAM Volume 25 Number 1 (PDF) V2510-E
Volume 25 Number 1 IJAM Volume 25 Number 1 (PRINT) V2510-P
Volume 25 Number 1 Factors Affecting Satisfaction with Media Art Experiences and Intention to Re-experience: Focusing on Interactivity, Presence, and Flow V2511-E
Volume 25 Number 1 How Electronic Word-of-Mouth Forms and Affects the Market Performance of Art Exhibitions V2512-E
Volume 25 Number 1 Perceived Value of the Opera Experience in the Real and Virtual Spheres: Dimensions That Make the Difference V2513-E
Volume 25 Number 1 Executive Recruitment Through the Candidate’s Lens: An Interview Study on the Candidate Experience of Museum Executives V2514-E
Volume 25 Number 1 An Analytical and Comparative Approach to Cultural Heritage Experiences Enhanced With Augmented Reality V2515-E
Volume 25 Number 1 Effects of Various Charitable Contribution Ratios under Pay-What-You-Want on Art Museum Revenues V2516-E
Volume 25 Number 1 The Beijing Performance and Arts Group: Value Creation of Performing Arts Through a Dual System of Governance V2517-E
Volume 25 Number 2 IJAM Volume 25 Number 2 (PDF) v2520-E
Volume 25 Number 2 IJAM Volume 25 Number 2 (PRINT) V2520-P
Volume 25 Number 2 Fans as Prosumers: Labour of Love V2521-E
Volume 25 Number 2 Refugees and Art: Tailor-Made Integrative Art Projects by Identifying Citizen Target Groups V2522-E
Volume 25 Number 2 Business Models of Contemporary Art Galleries and Art Fair Influence: A Thematic Synthesis of the Literature V2523-E
Volume 25 Number 2 Challenges and Success Factors in Nonprofit Arts Organization Mergers V2524-E
Volume 25 Number 2 Time Is Money: Running Time and Efficient Strategies in the Movie Industry V2525-E
Volume 25 Number 2 No Lights, No Camera, No Action: Indian Movie Industry Practitioner Perspectives on Life After the Pandemic V2526-E
Volume 25 Number 2 Cultural Institutes Abroad in the 21st Century: The Case of The Korean Cultural Centre UK V2527-E
Volume 25 Number 3 JAM Volume 25 Number 3 (PDF) V2530-E
Volume 25 Number 3 IJAM Volume 25 Number 3 (PRINT) V2530-P
Volume 25 Number 3 Determinants of the Diversity of Cultural Participation and Consumption in South Africa V2531-E
Volume 25 Number 3 Napoleon vs Marie-Antoinette: Gender Stereotypes in Video Games Consumption and Their Reproduction in Game Narratives V2532-E
Volume 25 Number 3 Enabling Creative Connections: The Case of Digital Arts Consumption V2533-E
Volume 25 Number 3 Eurovision as Support for the LGBT Collective: Perceptions Based on the Profile of its Audience V2534-E
Volume 25 Number 3 Diversity and Inclusion at Duceppe Theatre: A Case to Approach to Diversity V2535-E
Volume 25 Number 3 It Takes Four to Tango: Designing E-D-I Practices in Cultural District V2536-E
Volume 25 Number 3 From the “Efforts of the Weak Horses” to the International Arena: The Istanbul Biennial and Art Worlds V2537-E
Volume 26 Number 1 IJAM Volume 26 Number 1 (PDF) V2610-E
Volume 26 Number 1 IJAM Volume 26 Number 1 (PRINT) V2610-P
Volume 26 Number 1 Revisiting the 3Fs Model at the Digital Era – The Age of Eudaimonism and Alternative Hedonism V26110-E
Volume 26 Number 1 Consumption Experiences in the Arts V2611-E
Volume 26 Number 1 Evolution of the Literature on Experiential Marketing After Holbrook and Hirschman’s (1982) Seminal Article V2612-E
Volume 26 Number 1 Reviewing Experiential Value in the Arts V2613-E
Volume 26 Number 1 The Role of Fantasies in the Arts: A Call for Better Understanding and Management V2614-E
Volume 26 Number 1 Forty Winks V2615-E
Volume 26 Number 1 Exploiting the Cultural Consumption Experience V2616-E
Volume 26 Number 1 Psychological Ownership of Arts Experiences V2617-E
Volume 26 Number 1 Disruptive Audience Performance: The Extremes of the Duet Applauses/Boos V2618-E
Volume 26 Number 1 Fantasies, Feelings and Fun – 40 Years On: Experiencing Film in Times of Trouble V2619-E
Volume 26 Number 2 IJAM Volume 26 Number 2 (PDF) V2620-E
Volume 26 Number 2 The Paradox of Corporate Sponsorship of Arts in the Age of Austerity V2621-E
Volume 26 Number 2 Do Children Motivate Their Parents to Play Digital Games? Child-Rearing vs. Intrafamilial Externality V2622-E
Volume 26 Number 2 Building a Coopetitive Business Model: The Case of Montparnasse Tower in Paris V2623-E
Volume 26 Number 2 Policy, Passion and Precarity: How Structural Frameworks Shape the Tenure of Artistic Directors in the Subsidized Theatre Sector V2624-E
Volume 26 Number 2 Greening Live Shows: What Factors Matter? A Systematic Review of Factors Affecting Sustainability Practices in Music Festivals V2625-E
Volume 26 Number 2 A New Typology of Chinese Rural Revitalization through Art: The Case of Qingtian V2626-E
Volume 26 Number 3 IJAM Volume 26 Number 3 (PDF) V2630-E
Volume 26 Number 3 Gender Pay Gap in the Early-Stage Careers of Canadian Creative Workers V2631-E
Volume 26 Number 3 Integrating Design Thinking into Arts Organizations: An Approach to Advancing DEI through Community Engagement Programs V2632-E
Volume 26 Number 3 How Can Individual Creativity Embrace Sustainability? Evidence from French Gastronomy V2633-E
Volume 26 Number 3 Examining the Cultural Value of the Beijing Dance Festival from the Perspective of Cultural Ecology V2634-E
Volume 26 Number 3 The Process of Team Conflict in Bands: A Case Study Based on Three Indie Bands V2635-E
Volume 26 Number 3 Partnerships between Artists and Brands: A Case Study in the Brazilian Music Market V2636-E
Volume 27 Number 1 Art + Information + Conversation = Social Change: A Model for Financially Viable Theater V2711-E